1 21129 MANAGING!PEOPLE!&!ORGANISATIONS ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES’&’MARKING’CRITERIA (SPRING’2015) 2 Contact!details!for!queries Query Name Email Tutorial!readings,!marking!guidelines,!feedback,! appeals,!remarking,!assessment!extensions! (one!week from!assessment!submission!date) Your!tutor Tutorial!allocations,!exam!rescheduling, other! unresolved!MPO!queries.! Nancy!Chau (MPO!Admin! Support) Special!considerations,!remarking!(only!after! first!consulting!with!your tutor). Ace!Simpson The!assessment!structure!in!this!subject!has!been!designed!to!develop!your!understanding,! critical!thinking!and!essay!writing!skills!in!relation!to!the!objectives!set!out!at!the!beginning!of! the!subject!outline.!A!summary!of!the major!assessments!in!this!subject!is!found!in!the!table! below. Assessment Type Details Contribution! to!final!grade Due!date Assessment!1 Essay 1200!words 25% 12/9/2015 by!9pm Assessment!2 Essay Response!to! feedback 1700!words 300!words 35% 31/10/2015 by!9pm Final!exam Questionnaire Multiple! choice 40% TBA Assessment!item!1:!Essay!(Individual) Completion!of!assignment!will familiarise!you!with!this!course’s performance!requirements!and! feedback!process,!preparing!you!for!the!submission!of!your!second assignment, which!carries!a! higher!weighting.!!! Task!! Write!an!essay!of!1200!words!(+/P 10%)!arguing!a!position!in!relation!to!one of!the!following! topics!from!the!first!half!of!the!semester: 3 • Managing!cultures • Leadership • Human!Resource!Management • Managing!individuals • Managing!teams!and!groups (this!topic!will!be!covered!in!the!lecture!just!days!before!the! assignment!due!date,!hence!you!will!need!special!permission!from!your!tutor!to!write!on! this!topic) Discuss!the!following!statement: The$practices$in$[your$chosen$topic$area]$have$changed$in$the$post5bureaucratic$era.$ Essay!Structure: Introduction Your!essay!should start!with!a!200!(+/P 10%)!word!introduction presenting!your!overall!topic.!! State!your!position,!and!explain!how!you!will use!your!selected!references!to!demonstrate!your! overall!argument.! Body (800!words!+/P 10%) In!the!body!of!the!essay!you!are!to!present!the!structure!of!your!argument!in!different! paragraphs.!Each!paragraph!should!present!one!main!idea!of!your!argument!but!be!linked!to!the! preceding!and!following!paragraphs!with!appropriate!transitions.!Discuss!new!insights and! practices!that!may!have!emerged.!Compare!and!contrast!the!arguments!and!assumptions! embedded!in!your!different!source!materials!(i.e., managerialism!vs.!critical!management!studies! or!stakeholder!perspectives).!Approach!the!topic!from!different!perspectives;!whose!voices!are! dominant!or!missing,!what!are!the!implications!and!what!are!the!new!emerging!questions?! Conclusion Finish!your!essay!with!a!200!(+/P 10%)!word conclusion summarising!your!overall!argument!and! explaining!how!your!references!contributed!to!your!position.! References Select!at!least!four primary!sources!from!the!tutorial!readings!and!prescribed!additional!readings! listed!in!this!syllabus as!the!basis!of!your!argument.!Supplement!your!argument!with!at!least!two! references!from!other,!relevant,!quality!journal!articles.!!Examples!of!quality!journals!include:! Academy$of$Management$Review,$Academy$of$Management$Journal,$Organization,$Organization$ Science,$Organization$Studies,$Administrative$Science$Quarterly,$Human$Relations,$Journal$of$ Management$Inquiry$and Journal$of$Business$Ethics.$Illustrate!your!arguments!with!cases!from! the!lectures!or!relevant!reports!from!reputable!media!outlets!as!secondary!sources.!You!may! also!draw!material!from!the!recommended!textbook!by!Clegg,!Kornberger!and!Pitsis!(2011).! Finally,!provide!a!reference!list!of!your!references!according!to!Harvard!UTS!referencing! conventions. You!may!refer!to!the!following!Harvard!UTS!referencing!guide:! 4 Layout Your!essay!should!be!printed!on!one!side!of!A4!paper!only.!Double!space!your!text and!use!2.5 centimetre!wide!margins. The!text!should!be!in!a!12Ppoint!Times!New!Roman!font!and!leftP justified. Pages!should!be!numbered,!with!the!numbers!appearing!in!the!bottom!right!hand! corner!of!the!pages. Note:!Further!guidance!on!the!process and!structure!of!writing!an!essay!is!provided!with!an! example!on!pages!9 to!12 of!this!guide.! Assessment!item!2:!(Individual) Your!second!assignment will!build!upon!your!first!essay!and!involve!two!parts:!constructing!an! essay,!and!responding to!your!tutor’s!feedback!from!your!first!essay.! Task Part!1:!Essay Write!an!academic!essay!of!1700!words!(+/P10%)!in!which you!further!develop!the!arguments!of! your!first!essay by!applying!them!within!the!context!of!one of!the!topics!from!the!second!half!of! the!semester: • Managing!Sustainably:!Ethics!and!Corporate!Social!Responsibility • Globalisation • Managing!communication • Managing!knowledge!and!learning!!(this!topic!will!be!covered!in!the!lecture!just!days! before!the!due!date,!hence!you!will!need!special!permission!from!your!tutor!to!write!on! this!topic) • Innovation,!change!and!rationality (this!topic!will!not!be!covered!in!the!lecture!before!the! due!date,!hence!you!will!need!special!permission!from!your!tutor!to!write!on!this!topic)! Discuss!the!following!statement: Practices$of$[your$chosen$topic$area$for$essay$one]$contribute$to$managing$[your$chosen$topic$ area$from$essay$two]$in$the$post5bureaucratic$era.$ You!may!use!some!of!the!same!text!and!references!from!your!first!essay. References Select!at!least!six!primary!sources!from!the!tutorial!readings!and!prescribed!additional!readings for!this!course. Supplement!your!argument!with!at!least!two!references!from!other!relevant! quality!journal!articles.!Illustrate!your!arguments!by!cases!from!the!lectures!or!relevant!reports! from!reputable!media outlets!as!secondary!sources.!You!may also!draw!material!from!the! recommended!textbook!by!Clegg,!Kornberger!and!Pitsis!(2012).!Provide!a!complete!reference!list! at!the!end!of!your!essay.! 5 Part!2:!Reflective!response!to!Tutor’s Feedback!from!Assignment!1. Your!second!task!is!to!write!a!response of approximately!300!words!(+/P10%),!to!the!feedback! your!tutor!provided!to!your!first!essay.!You!may want!to!break!your!response!down!into!chunks! by!providing!section!headings!based!upon!the!marking!rubric!used!to!provide!student! assignment!feedback.!Explain,!how!you!will!use!this!feedback!to!improve!your!second!essay.! What!have!you!done!differently?!What!have!you!kept!the!same?!Part!two!should!be!presented! on!a!new!page!after!the!reference!list!from!your!second!essay.! Layout Your!essay!and!reflections!should!be!printed!on!one!side!of!A4!paper!only.!Double!space!your! text and!use!2!to!4 centimetre!wide!margins.!The!text!should!be!in!a!12Ppoint!Times!New!Roman! font!and!leftPjustified. Pages!should!be!numbered,!with!the!numbers!appearing!in!the!bottom! right!hand!corner!of!the!pages.! Note:!Further!guidance!on!the!process!and!structure!of!writing!an!essay!is!provided!with!an! example!on!pages!9 to!12 of!this!guide.! Prescribed!readings Prescribed’readings on’power’and’postFbureaucracy Courpasson,!D.!&!Clegg,!S.R.!2012,!’The!polyarchic!bureaucracy:!Cooperative!resistance!in!the!workplace! and!the!construction!of!a!new!political!structure!of!organizations’,!Research$in$the$Sociology$of$ Organizations,!vol.!34,!no.!1,!pp.!55P79. 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ASSESSMENT!AND!EXPECTATIONS A central!aim!for this!subject!is!to develop!your!skills!in!critical!and!analytical!thinking! 10 within!the!context!of!management!and!organisations.!A!fundamental!mechanism! through!which!such!thinking!is!developed!and!demonstrated!is!through!writing:! particularly!in!the!format!of!an!extended!academic!essay. GUIDANCE!ON!THE!REQUIRED!FORMAT!OF!THE!ACADEMIC!ESSAYS An!academic!essay!must!have: 1. An!explicit!argument!that!answers!a!basic!premise or!question: An!academic!essay!is!not!merely!a!summary!of!what!has!already!been!written!on!a! subject.!It!is, instead, a!presentation!of your!argument,!supported!by!academic!sources,! on!the!specific!question!set.!You!should!tell!the!reader!in!your!Introduction!very!clearly! what!your!answer!will!be!and!tell!them!how!your!essay!is!to!be!structured!to!present! your!answer.! For!example,!if!you!had!been!asked!a!question!on!whether!strong!management!can! prevent!fraudulent!business!practices,!your!opening!sentence!might!look!something!like! this:!‘In!this!essay!I!am!going!to!argue!that!fraudulent!business!practices!happen!because! of,!not!despite,!‘strong!management’.!I!am!going!to!suggest!that,!in!part,!the!pressure! put!upon!employees!by!their!managers!can!generate!a!culture!where!corners!are!cut!and! proper!checks!and!balances!are!not!carried!out.!I!conclude!that!stronger!management,! therefore,!may!not!be!the!solution!to!ending!corporate!fraud’.! 2. An!argument!that!has!a!clear,!logical!structure:! Having!told!the!reader!in!the!Introduction!explicitly!what!your!answer!to!the!question!is,! your!essay!should!be!logically!structured!to!develop!your!argument.!Organise!the!main! part!of!your!essay!into!three or!four sections.!Tell!the!reader!in!your!Introduction!what! these!sections!are,!and!link!these!sections!to!your!overall!argument.!Remind!the!reader! at!the!start!of!each!new!section!how!the!argument!is!progressing.!For!further!details!on! developing!a!critical!review!and!writing!assessments!see!the!following!links:! • Critical!review:!! • Guide!to!writing!assessments:!! 3. Evidence!of!substantial!and!relevant!reading:! To!pass!Assessment!1!your!essay!must!provide!at!least!6 references and!for!essay!2!you! must!provide!at!least!8,!making!extensive!use!of!the:! • the!readings/articles!listed in!the!‘tutorial!guidelines!and!readings’ • other! pertinent references!given!to!you!in!lectures • relevant!ideas!from!the!recommended!text!book. 4. A!Conclusion:! All!work!needs!to!have!a!conclusion!that!summarises!the!arguments!put!forward!in!your! 11 essay!and!how!these!arguments!have!answered!the!question(s) set.!Have!conviction!in! your!arguments.!!!Avoid!conclusions!that!end!with!‘it!depends’!or!‘this!needs!more! research’.! 5. References: An!academic!essay!must!be!supported!by!many!references!to!published!academic!work.! For!this!subject!your!main!references!must!be!the!tutorial!readings!and!additional! readings!listed!in!the!tutorial!guide.!Be!sure!to!acknowledge!fully!any!references!or! quotes!you!have!used!using!the!Harvard!UTS!reference!style:!e.g.!(Roberts,!1984).!Further! information!on!the!Harvard UTS reference!style!is!found!in!the!Faculty!of!Business!Guide! to!Writing!Assignments!available!online:!!Your!essay! must!also!have!a Reference!list,!which!is!an!alphabetical!list!of!the!full!publication!details! of!all!the!items!you!have!explicitly!referenced!in!your!work, referenced!according!to! Harvard!UTS!conventions (i.e.!do!not!use!bullet!points!for!your!reference!list and!ensure! that!you!use!a!hanging!indent!– with!the!first line!flush!left!with!the!margin!and subsequent!lines!indented!the!same!width!as!a!paragraph!indent). Examples!of!essay!introductions/paragraphs The!following!sample!essay!introductory!paragraphs!were!written!by!Professor!Edward!Wray! Bliss!for!MPO, and!are!provided!ONLY!to!illustrate!how!to!write!your!introduction.!These! paragraphs!are!NOT!based!on!the!essay!questions. Example!1: In!this!essay,!I!am!going!to!argue!that!work!can!certainly!be!a!source!of!satisfaction!and!joy!for! individuals.!Indeed,!as!I!demonstrate!in!Section!One,!by!drawing!on!Rosen!(1988),!Clegg!et!al! (2008)!and!others,!managers!of!modern!corporations!are!explicitly!encouraged!to!design!the! workplace!and!motivate!employees!so!that!these!employees!find!satisfaction!and!enjoyment!at! work.!However,!work!is!also!a!source!of!dissatisfaction!and!suffering!too!and!I!draw!upon!Jackall! (1988),!Knights!and!Roberts!(1982),!and!Morgan!(2006)!in!Section!Two!to!show!the!anxiety,! subordination!and!domination!that!may!also!describe!the!experience!of!work!for!managerial!and! nonPmanagerial!employees!alike.!Rather!than!leave!the!question!here,!in!Section!Three!I!attempt! to!explore,!conceptually,!why!work!produces!such!experiences!and!emotions!for!individuals.! Drawing!upon!Jackson!and!Carter!(2000)!and!O’Doherty!(2006), I!consider!the!strong!link! between!work!and!personal!identity.!Summarising!my!overall!arguments!in!the!Conclusion!I! illustrate,!with!the!example!of!Ackroyd!and!Crowdy!(1990),!just!how!complex!the!relationship! between!identity,!work,!and!an!individual’s!striving!for!satisfaction!and!personal!meaning!can!be. 12 Example!2: In!this!essay,!I!am!going!to!argue!that!it!is!important!to!study!management!and!organisation! critically!for!two!key!reasons.!First,!it!is!important!to!do!so!because!the!scope!and!reach!of! management!and!organisation!is!such!that!it!affects!all!aspects!of!our!social,!economic!and! cultural!life.!Second,!because!the!controls!that!exist!at!present!in!large!commercial!organisations! may!not!be!sufficient!to!prevent!negative!effects!occurring!in!each!of!these!contexts.!In!Section! One!I!shall!demonstrate!the!first!point!with!reference!both!to!the!role!of!management!and! organisation!in!the!current!global!economic!crisis!and!also!through!discussing!the!writings!of! Morgan!(2006)!and!Klein!(2001), explore the!effects!and!outcomes!of!corporate!power!in! different!spheres.!In!Section!Two,!I!shall!use!Milgram’s!(1974)!experiments!on!obedience!and! authority!and!Jackall’s!(1988)!study!of!corporate!management,!to!argue!that!there!are!processes! at!work!in!large!organisations!that!can!inhibit!employees,!and!even!senior!managers,!from! reflecting!upon!and!being!responsible!for!their!organisation’s!behaviour.!These!two!points,!I! suggest,!make!it!imperative!that!we!look!critically!at!management!and!organisation.!In!the!final! section!of!this!essay,!I!shall!consider!just!what!‘looking!critically’!means.!I!will!argue,!in! opposition!to!Parker!(2002),!that!being!critical!in!this!context!is!not!the!same!as!being!‘against! management’,!but!is!instead!a!commitment!to!better!organisation!and!better!management,!a! commitment!to!an!idea!of!organisation!where!its!powerful!potential,!as!envisaged!by!Knights! and!Roberts!(1982),!is!realised. Guidelines!for!submitting!assessments!using!‘Turnitin’ Your!essays must!be!submitted!electronically!using the!‘Turnitin’!program on!UTSOnline! (under!the!assignment!tab!on!the!MPO!page)!by!9pm!on!the!due!date.!Essays!submitted! late!will!lose!an!automatic!10!marks!per!day. Turnitin!will also!produce!a!plagiarism!report that!will!be!available!to!your!tutor!when! they!mark!your!work.!The!report!will indicate!any passages!in!your!essay!that!are!not! original.!You!are!welcome!to!submit!earlier!versions!of!your!essay!to!Turnitin!to!help!you! to!modify!your!essay.!The!second!time!you!submit!your!essay!to!the!system,!however,!it! will!be!at!least!24!hours!before!Turinitin!will!give!you!your!report.! As!a!guide,!if!your!overall!Turnitin score!is!over!25%,!please!ensure!that!you!revise!your! essay.!If!you!do!not!revise,!you!could!face!severe!penalties!and!may!be!referred!to!the! Dean!of!Teaching!and!Learning. You!must!not!submit!anybody!else’s!essays!except!your!own!to!Turnitin!for!any!reason.! Also,!please!do!not,!under!any!circumstances,!think!that!you!can!present!somebody! else’s!unreferenced!writing!in!your!essay!as!your!own!– whether!this!is!from!previous! student’s!essays,!material!you!have!found!on!the!web,!or!elsewhere.!The!penalties!for! plagiarism!are!extremely!severe!and!all!cases!will!be!referred!to!the!Dean!of!Teaching! and!Learning. 13 GRADING!ASSESSMENT Your!assignments!will!be!graded!according!to!the!criterion!indicated!in!the!marking!rubrics!on! pages!15P18!below. When!assessing!your!essays, each!of!the!criteria!considered!P along!with!your! understanding!of!the!subject, lectures!and!readings, and!your!ability!for!critical,!questioning! thought.! In!addition!to!the!above!instructions!and!guidelines,!your!tutors!will talk!you!through!the!process! of!assessment!and!will!provide feedback!on!your!two!assessment!submissions. Grade!categories High!Distinction! 85!per!cent!and!above Distinction! 75!per!cent!to!84!per!cent Credit! 65!per!cent!to!74!per!cent Pass 50!per!cent!to!64!per!cent Fail!(Z) Less!than!50!per!cent! Please!see!the!UTS!Guide!to!Writing!Assignments!for!full!details!on!these!grade!categories.!All! forms!of!assessment!must!be!attempted!and!an!overall!mark!of!50%!or!more!must!be!achieved! to!pass!this!course. EXTENSIONS!AND!LATE!ASSIGNMENTS Essays!submitted!after!the!due!time/date!will!incur!late!penalties!as!listed!below.!Late! submissions!will!not!incur!the!late!penalties!listed,!only if!the!tutor!or!Subject!Coordinator!has! granted!a!formal!extension!of!time.!This!extension!should!be!approved!BEFORE!the!submission! deadline!where!possible!and!will!only!be!approved!in!exceptional!circumstances (normally!on! grounds!of!ill!health!or!misadventure).!Work!submitted!more!than!5!days!after!the!stated! submission!date!will!not!be!accepted!for!assessment!unless!the!Subject!Coordinator, on!receipt! of!a!Special!Consideration!form, has!granted!a!formal!extension!of!time. Late!Penalties Depending!on!the!circumstances, the!Subject!Coordinator!may!apply!the!following!penalties:! • Up!to!1!day!late!(after!the!specified!deadline)!10%!late!reduction! • Up!to!2!days!late:!20%!late!reduction! • Up!to!3!days!late:!30%!late!reduction • Up!to!4!days!late:!40%!late!reduction! • Up!to!5!days!late:!50%!late!reduction! 14 • Over!5!days!late:!NOT!ACCEPTED The!10%!per!day!penalty!is!applied!to!the!mark!that!would!have!been!received!if!the!submission! had!been!on!time.!Any!work!submitted!after!5!days!would!need!a!Special!Consideration! document!to!be!accepted!for!assessment.!Students!cannot!expect!to!receive!verbal!or!written! feedback!for!late!work. Applying!for!extensions If!you!are!unable!to!submit!your!assignment!on!time due!to!illness!or!misadventure,!and!require! an!extension!of!less!than!one week,!you!should!submit!your!supporting!documentation!and! request!an!extension!by!emailing!your!tutor!well!before!the!handPin!deadline!of!the!essay.!If!you! require!more!than!a!onePweek extension, please!submit!an!application!for!‘Special! Consideration’!with!relevant!supporting!documentation attached, prior!to!the!due!date of!the! assessment.! The!extension!application!form!is!available!through!the!Student!Administration!Offices!or!may!be! downloaded!at:! REMARKING To!maintain!consistency!between!the!tutorials,!the!coordinators!moderate!the!marks!prior!to! releasing!the!marked!scripts!back!to!the!students.!However,!if!you!have!concerns!regarding!your! marked!assessment,!please!email!your!tutor!for!an!appointment!to!discuss!your!concerns.! Before!meeting!with!your!tutor,!you!must!email!your!tutor!a!detailed!request!explaining! precisely!which!criteria!of!the!grading!sheet!and!elements!of!feedback!you!disagree!with or!have! questions!on.!Your!tutors!will!not!be!able!to!discus


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